9 Inspiring Photography Websites in 2021

The internet has brought businesses closer to their clients. With just a visit to a business website, prospects can now see what a provider can offer and choose to close deals in just a few clicks. However, there are thousands of other competitors out there – all with their own unique websites and selling points. So, if you are an Edmonton boudoir photography company looking to build or improve your own business website, this is a post to take inspiration from. Here, we will let you have a sneak peek into some of the top photography websites in 2021. 

#1: The Hearnes

Website: https://thehearnes.com/ 

“Your Wedding Day Should Be Your Greatest Adventure Yet” – The Hearness Adventure Photography

The Hearness is the brainchild of couples Abbi and Callen Hearne – an adventurous pair who fell in love with photography and life in the outdoors. As such, they came up with a non-traditional adventure wedding and elopement photography business unlike any other you’ve ever seen before. Their photos are happy, exhilarating, terrifying, and lovely to watch all at the same time and these are all shown on their website beautifully.

#2: Adam Bird 

Website: https://www.adambirdphotography.com/ 

Adam Bird Photography’s website gives you a mystical, fairy tale, romantic vibe. On the very first page, you can see a full-width view of all the artist’s previous works which just impresses anyone visiting. This is a key strategy when making a photography website – show your best works on the front page to grab everyone’s attention and keep them longer on your site. As with Adam Bird Photography’s website, the works are stunning and the website didn’t fail to show that. 

#3: Brandon Woelfel photographyBrandon Woelfel

Website: https://www.brandonwoelfel.com/

Brandon Woelfel Photography is owned by a freelance photographer based out of New York. His website shows his portfolio of artistic Instagram-worthy photos. In the homepage landing, you can see a page with just a single photo, a few texts, and a clickable link that leads anyone visiting inside the website’s gallery section. You can even see on the website the gears used by the master photographer himself to achieve the looks in his masterpieces.

#4:Cassandra Ladru 

Website: https://cassandraladru.com/ 

This photography website is a great example of how wedding photography websites should be made. With so much competition, each having its own website, you can only truly stand out by featuring your best photos in a unique, non-cluttered, and sophisticated way. The artist is also into fashion and editorial and her romantic and timeless style of work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Truly inspiring!

#5: Amelia Allen 

Website: https://www.ameliaallenphotography.com/ 

Amelia Allen Photography is based in London and most of the artist’s work is inspired by fashion, portraits, and documentaries. Her website speaks a lot about diversity, a celebration of oneself, and confidence, among others. There’s a lot to take from the photographer herself having just started out as an assistant and now operates her own successful photography business.

Haris Nukem photography#6: Haris Nukem

Website: http://www.harisnukem.com/

Although their website displays a non-secure address, the way that the photos are displayed is absolutely stunning! This website is a top pick for many featured articles and it’s no wonder why. The site shows uniquely odd masterpieces that convey a lot of messages. The skillful artist is a commercial photographer whose skills are beyond impressive.

#7: Pedro N The World 

Website: https://www.pedrontheworld.com/ 

“If you can’t be Batman, just be kind.” – This is one of the favorite quotes of Pedro Oliveira the person behind Pedro N The World Photography. Amazingly enough, this personality reflects just as clearly in his works. His photography website takes us into the soulful and beautiful masterpieces of this artist’s imagery skills. One of a kind, to say the least.

#8: Levon Biss Levon Biss photography

Website: https://levonbiss.com/ 

Among the most unique and mind-blowing photography websites you can find online is Levon Biss. It features the artist’s work on insects using Microsculpture to give visitors a closer look at his insect subjects. Have a look, you will be amazed! This London-based photographer also features people and soccer on his website.

#9: Mike Kelley 

Website: https://www.mpkelley.com/ 

The Mike Kelley Photography website features the artist’s amazing work with architecture and planes. The photos are clear and crisp and you can’t help but appreciate all this great work. The photographer himself, Mike Kelley, has worked with some huge TV brands but generously provided resources for photography enthusiasts who like to learn his work and style.

Final Thoughts

The photography websites mentioned above are unquestionably fascinating. They all have simple designs, but the creative layouts and amazing photos from their creators make all the difference. Talented photographers have used effective eye-catching techniques to inspire people. If you are a photographer yourself, you can do the same. Just take inspiration from these photography websites.

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